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The Importance of Creativity in Advertising

on Aug 7, 2019

Competition for ad space is fierce, so how do you get your ads to slay?  The roots of advertising run deep. We’ve come a long way since William Caxton printed what would be described as Britain’s first advert in 1477. How grand it would be if advertising was still so simple. Nowadays, we have a bit more to contend with on the marketplace….. see full article at The Importance of Creativity in...

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Social media is your brand truly engaging – are you “likeable”

on Dec 17, 2013

Social media has exploded over the last decade and many businesses still view all social media interaction to be the responsibility of the marketing department. The reality is social media impacts on all departments in your business.  Don’t make the mistake of not being open and engaging with customers problems.  Social media gives you a great chance to apologise if you get it wrong and the opportunity to make amends.  Ultimately you have to be honest and likeable in all your interactions.  If you are truly authentic your customers will respect you and endorse your brand and its values. Make sure your customer service team listens to and respond to requests and ask your customers to feedback across the channels they communicate on.  “Like-ability” is the key to an engaging social media strategy.  You can learn so much from your customers, your R&D team can gain brilliant  insight from carefully constructed surveys.  CEO’s can serve as online spokespeople providing key opinion formers with information. TOP TIPS:  Do you know the top 10 reasons consumers like Fan pages on FACEBOOK. To receive discounts and promos To show support for brands to friends To get a “freebie” (e.g., free samples, coupons) To stay informed about company activities For updates on future projects For updates on upcoming sales Just for fun To get access to exclusive content To learn more about the company For education about company topics Source: CoTweet & ExactTarget Its all about the development of relationships!  Social media is a great window into your clients world, your sales teams can review LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to meet and engage with new prospects.  The key thing is to make sure that as many people as possible in your brand are fluent in social media and know the objective is to treat every customer with respect! Its all about being inspirational!  Give your customers lots of reasons to want to like you and they will spread the word! So find what your customers want from you and don’t forget to make sure your Likeable!...

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Henry Ford

on Dec 11, 2013

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” Henry Ford We like to build long term successful relationships.  The only way to truly understand the potential of a business is by working closely with the team who run it. Why not give us a call. Contact...

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