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Finger Lickin’ Vegan: can KFC, McDonalds et al crack the plant-based market?

on Jan 16, 2020 | 0 comments

By Rebecca Stewart

When UK bakery chain Greggs launched its vegan sausage roll last year it befell the wrath of Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan. The former Sun editor took issue with the eco-friendly pastry, describing execs at the high-street bakery as “PC raved clowns” and spitting out a sample live on-air. The publicity, however salty, turned out to be a gift.

In 2019, Greggs total sales rose by 13.5% buoyed by the attention garnered from adapting its best-selling item on its menu for vegans. Sales at more established stores also rose 9.2% for the year too and the 25,000 staff Read full story ›

Source: The Drum