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Ian Wright restores color to a drab world in psychedelic Euro 2020 curtain-raiser

on May 28, 2021 | 0 comments

By John Glenday

ITV Creative is restoring some color to a drab world courtesy of football legend-turned-pundit Ian Wright, who is on a pied-piper-like mission to draw people out of their homes and on to the football pitch.

The in-house agency is working to build anticipation for the delayed Euro 2020 campaign, which is belatedly kicking off this year after being scuppered by the pandemic.

Directed by Claire Norowzian, the 40-second commercial sees a bowler cap-wearing Wright saunter on to a gritty housing estate, only for his noggin to explode in a riot of cartoon color, enlivening the monochrome scene with a psychedelic Read full story ›

Source: The Drum