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The big brands going vegan: smart move or a big missed-steak?

on Nov 30, 2020 | 0 comments

By Imogen Watson

M&S Kitchen

Once confined to startups and incubator labs, in recent years the burgeoning vegan market has piqued interest from big brands like PepsiCo, M&S and Unilever, with the latter recently announcing a colossal £1bn sales target for 2025. But how are brands ensuring their investments bear fruit?

It’s 2070, and the whole world lives as herbivores, filled with nothing but distaste for its chewy past. Gloucester’s cheese rolling has been called off indefinitely; Easter eggs have been renamed and pit roasts, butcher knives and meat tenderisers now reside as artefacts in the Design Museum, fossils of society’s bloodthirsty past.

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Source: The Drum