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Why misinformation is a clear and present danger during the coronavirus outbreak

on Feb 10, 2020 | 0 comments

By Shawn Lim

A screengrab of a tweet from Singapore-based broadcaster Channel NewsAsia (CNA), which shows it has been retweeted 3,335 times and liked 305 times on Twitter, announces that schools in Singapore have been shut because of the 2019 coronavirus outbreak.

This might have been believable because the ongoing crisis has hit a high level of concern globally, and has now infected 40,553 people and claimed the lives of 910 people across 28 territories.

However, the screengrab, which was circulated on WhatsApp, is fake news, according to CNA, as it was repurposed from another tweet.

This screengrab is just <a target=_blank href="" Read full story ›

Source: The Drum