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What makes a good agency?

on Dec 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Agency typesThe image of people who work in advertising and marketing over many years has been formed through stereotypes. I have to admit lots of those stereotypes are well justified.

How many ego maniacs have you met over the years who bore you silly about the latest coolest web thing, the next micro blogging fad, trying to be so cool because they are “down with the Kidz”. People in the industry are usually frustrated actors or musicians and they crave the limelight. I guess its to be expected that people who work in the publicity industry are usually the biggest self publicists.

Often they are only interested about winning awards and as a result produce outrageous creative pitches, which have nothing to do with your brand, your customers or your objectives. The precious creative director “I am not interested in going to pitch unless this brand gives me total creative license!” The logo needs to change and I must use a serif font!

Creativity is vital but only if it supports your marketing goals. If I am the brand owner of a conservative fashion business, I don’t necessarily want to transform my advertising to appeal 16 year olds.

So what makes a great agency? Its not where you bring me for lunch or which A-list party you bring me to.

A great agency asks who, what, when, where and why? They need to understand the challenge and then work closely with you to find the right creative solution. The need to push the boundaries of your thinking but make sure its aligned to your ultimate goal.

I think the best agency’s understand you as a client and establishes a rapport with your brand immediately. If they know what you need they will provide you that little something that creates the difference for your customers.