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Seattle, Portland and other US cities named “knowledge capitals” by Brookings

on Sep 30, 2016 | 0 comments

By Kyle O'Brien

Two cities at the top left corner of the United States have been named “Knowledge Capitals” by the Brookings Institution. Seattle and Portland were two of 19 cities in the US and Europe named in the global report, “Redefining Global Cities,” authored by Jesus Leal Trujillo and Joseph Parilla.

The report examined 123 of the world’s largest metropolitan economies and broke them down into seven categories: Global Giants, Asian Anchors, Emerging Gateways, Factory China, Knowledge Capitals, American Middleweights and International Middleweights.

The cities were ranked by 16 metrics, including growth, GDP, research universities, educational attainment, internet speed and “tradable clusters.”

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Source: The Drum